The 72nd StuTS is organized by an independent team of student volunteers.

Photo of Martina


Hey, I’m Martina!

I am responsible for the coordination of the conference and for the finances. I am one of the people behind the conference e-mail address as well.

I am an MA student of Romance linguistics at the Universität Hamburg. I am interested in syntax/semantics interfaces and in Portuguese and Spanish and in non-binary inclusive language. Feel free to contact me in private via

Photo of Sabrina


Hi, I'm Sabrina!

In the organizing team of the StuTS, I am responsible for the design of the program, for the catering, and I am one of the contact persons via our digital platforms.

I am studying Spanish for a teaching degree at the Universität Hamburg and my research interests are particularly in language contact situations and in phenomena of L2 Spanish acquisition.

Please feel free to contact me at any time via

Photo of Aaricia


Hi, I’m Aaricia! I'm in charge of social media and this website. If you send an email to, it might be answered by me as well!

Currently, I'm a PhD researcher in Speech Processing at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. I'm interested in attitudes toward German, EduTech, and speech recognition. Find me on the founding board of ILLSA, or contact me via email if you want to organize a StuTS.


Hello, I’m Aisha!

At the StuTS team, I am part of the committee for the Call for Participation.

I just recently graduated from MA at HSE. In research, I am interested in linguistic identity construction and heritage language learning.


Hello, I’m Jannis!

At the 72nd StuTS, I am one of the team members responsible for intra-university communication. In addition, I am responsible for moderating presentations at the event.

My research areas and interests are artificial languages, syntax and morphology of Romance languages, German and English, child language acquisition, foreign language acquisition, and PLE (Portuguese as a foreign language).