Call for Participation

Welcome to the 72st Studentische Tagung Sprachwissenschaft (StuTS)!

This semester, the StuTS, a student conference of linguistics, will take place at the University of Hamburg, Germany from the 2nd until 6th of November, 2022.

We are happy to announce that the Call for Participation is now officially open!


We accept online submissions from various areas of research — as long as your work has something to do with linguistics, we invite you to submit an abstract for participation. It is up to you which topic you choose. You can also include research on any language of your choice.

We invite undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate (Masters, PhD) students to present their work in any format they feel would be the most fitting: you can choose to give a talk, present a poster, hold a workshop or even conduct a panel debate. We welcome works in progress, term papers and theses — what matters is that you present your own unique perspective!

A future participant should submit a 250-words-long abstract and specify the type of presentation they would like to give (a talk, a poster, a workshop or a panel debate). One participant shall only submit one abstract. Presenting in teams is absolutely welcomed.


While the conference languages are English and German, we do encourage talks and posters in all languages. Abstracts for presentations in sign language can be submitted in form of videos, please submit a link via the submission platform or e-mail us. For workshops and panel debates we would ask you to make your contribution in English, German or German sign language. If you are unsure if you can attract enough people for an audience with your talk or poster presentation in a certain language, giving the presentation in one language and having the slides or poster in another language could do the trick.


Talks will be 20min + 10min Q&A long. If you plan on doing a workshop or panel debate that takes more time than 30min, please let us know. The poster sessions will take 1,5h in which the posters are presented shortly in 3-5min and afterwards, we start parallel discussions.

Hybrid conference: Online and in-person

The participants can choose if they want to give their presentation online or in-person in Hamburg. In-person presentations will be streamed online, and online talks will be streamed in-person, too. This way, we want to make sure that everyone can attend the talks, workshops and panel debates as they wish, independently of participating online or in-person. Only poster sessions and some of the social program will be divided between online and in-person participation. Except for the poster sessions, it is possible that parts of a team participate online, and other parts participate in-person for their talk, workshop or panel debate.

In case the COVID situations changes, it is possible that the conference has to change to a only-online conference. In that case, we will contact the participants as soon as possible.

Submission of abstracts

Please use this link to submit an abstract:

You find more information on the submission here

Some further dates and information

CfP opens August 4, 2022
1st Notification of Acceptance September 1, 2022
CfP closes September 25, 2022 Extended: September 30, 2022
2nd Notification of Acceptance September 29, 2022
Registration closes October 6, 2022

We have two rounds for submission of abstracts and notification of acceptance. This way, participants that need an early notification of acceptance, e.g., for funding from their universities, can get those in the first round. Participants that decide on submitting their abstracts later, will still have the possibility to submit an abstract up until September 25.

General participation at the conference (with or without your own contribution)

The registration as a participant with or without your own contribution will start on September 1. That is also the time when you can do the payment for the participation fee (10 € participation online, 30 € participation in-person, 10 € day pass participation in-person). It is possible to apply for scholarships that pay the participation fee or even the participation fee plus some extra money for the stay in the city. The kinds of scholarships possible this time will be published ongoing. Accommodation (in a local sports hall and very limited places in a hostel) for the stay in the city between November 2 and 6 and also some food and drinks for the coffee breaks are included in the participation fee. More information on what we provide you during the conference will be published ongoing.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail: stuts72[at]

You can also follow us on social media:

… Facebook: @StuTS.official
… Twitter: @StuTS_official
… Instagram: @StuTS_official

We are looking forward to your contributions!

Best wishes from the team of the 72nd StuTS.